Aiding & Abetting Defense Lawyers

Aiding or abetting a crime occurs when someone helps the commission of the crime even though they do not commit it themselves. The person who aids the crime is usually not present when the crime occurs, but this does not mean they will not be found guilty of aiding or abetting. Aiding a crime can involve many things such as getting the criminal items necessary to commit the crime or giving them necessary information. In order to be found guilty of aiding a crime, the defendant must be proven to have known that their actions helped in the commission of a crime, or at the very least, they should have a reasonable suspicion. Sometimes one person may help another but remain completely unaware that their actions actually abetted a crime. No matter what the circumstances if you are under investigation for aiding a crime you need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

Our criminal defense lawyers are ready to defend you against any criminal allegations including aiding or abetting a serious crime. Depending on the crime, the age of the other persons involved and the extent to which the person aided it, the punishments for aiding and abetting can become very harsh. We will protect you by interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and researching the case in order to create a strong criminal defense strategy. In order to arrange a free consultation on your case, contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible.

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