Bribery Defense Lawyers

Bribery is a type of extortion. When someone commits bribery they give money to someone in a position of power and trust in order influence their decisions or policies. Accepting a bribe is also a crime. Bribery is usually done by giving money to a public official or to witnesses in legal proceedings. It can be done any time an official makes any kind of trade that affects their public duties. Anyone who is suspected of bribery or other crimes of extortion needs a strong criminal defense in order to dismiss or reduce the charges brought against them.

Bribery is a federal offense. Those who are convicted could be sentenced to up to 15 years in federal prison. In addition to jail, there is also the possibility of large fines and civil action. Bribery is not a criminal offense that can be taken lightly. If you receive any charges or allegations of bribery contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure that your rights are being protected.
Federal crimes of extortion are typically investigated by the FBI. They will investigate bribery in a number of different areas including the bribery of public witnesses, public officials, those in charge of federally funded programs, as well as others areas such as sports.

Sometimes a person’s actions may be considered an act of bribery although they had not considered what they were doing to be illegal. In general, any actions which involve giving something to something in a position of public power in order to obtain better treatment would be considered bribery. This could even be an action as simple as giving a small gift in order to gain favor without intending to actually make a trade. The intention to influence the policy or decisions of an official is what defines bribery. Because bribery has such a wide definition, its prosecution is becoming more and more common. However, it is also a crime that can be successfully dismissed if the criminal defense attorney uses an effective strategy.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against any charges of extortion or bribery. We will devote all of the firm’s resources to protecting your rights. Our criminal defense attorneys have experience in federal courts and can provide a full defense against crimes of bribery or related charges no matter what law enforcement agencies or powers of prosecution have been brought against you. We will defend against even the most serious charges of bribery which may include:

    1. Bribing members of congress
    2. Paying for a government contract
    3. Offering kickbacks to public officials
    4. Making payments to inspectors so that they avoid safety violations

Our criminal defense team is ready to devote the resources necessary to successfully defend against complex cases of bribery. If you are under investigation or have been charged with bribery contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

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