Burglary Defense Lawyers

Burglary occurs when someone enters or remains in a building illegally and with the intention of committing a crime. Usually, burglary is associated with some form of theft; however, any type of crime may be committed with a criminal intrusion to be considered an act of burglary. This includes: rape, assault, murder or arson. Those charged with burglary face the possibility of incarceration. To make matters worse, they can also experience probation, parole, fines, law enforcement registration and a permanent criminal record. In order to successfully defend yourself against charges of burglary, you need a criminal defense attorney who has experience in every felony offense.

The degree of burglary depends on the circumstances surrounding the crime. Whether the act causes injury to someone, whether dangerous weapons are involved and whether the building is a dwelling play a crucial role in determining the severity of the crime. The prosecution must also show a distinct that there was an act of breaking – a main distinction between trespassing and burglary. For burglary to occur, the accused must have removed some obstacle that prevented access.

Burglary alone can lead to up to 25 years in prison if there are injuries or dangerous weapons involved. This does not include the additional punishments that would result from any crime which occurred during the burglary. Without a strong criminal defense, those who are convicted of burglary will spend many years in prison.
Although burglary can occur with a separate crime, it does not require that another crime actually occurs, only that the defendant intended to commit a crime. Establishing criminal intent is a large part of prosecuting burglary.  The criminal defense will aggressively attack the evidence of the prosecution. A conviction should not be based merely on the assumption that the defendant intended to commit a crime therein. Also, when the degrees of burglary are in question, first or second degree burglary could be based on objects which ‘give the appearance of a deadly weapon’. However, it should be proven that the defendant intended for the object to appear as a weapon, instead of it merely being misunderstood as one due to the circumstances of the crime.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend you against any charges of burglary. Our expert team of criminal lawyers will devise a strong defense strategy and work relentlessly to find holes in the prosecution’s evidence. With the help of our private investigators, we can re-examine any evidence and question witnesses to find new information or testimonies. Our defense strategies and evidence gathering techniques could make the difference between jail and dismissal. In addition to defending burglary, we also have the ability to successfully defend you against any other charges which result from acts or omissions during its commission. This could include:

  1. Assault
  2. Rape
  3. Murder
  4. Criminal Sexual Act
  5. Manslaughter
  6. Mayhem
  7. Theft

Burglary is a serious criminal offense and requires the best criminal defense possible. If you or a loved one have been charged or are under suspicion for burglary contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as you can to arrange a free consultation on your case.

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