• Computer Crimes

    Author : Criminal Defense Associates October 6, 2015

    Computer crimes are often so labeled because they involve another underlying criminal offense that takes place through the use of a computer. Grand larceny if allegedly occurring over the internet or through the use of a computer will often be prosecuted under a special statute reserved for computer crimes. It is similar in this way to the federal wire and mail fraud statutes that prosecute individuals for crimes occurring through the use of the wires and mails. Fraud, money laundering, sex crimes, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, etc. can all be prosecuted through a computer crime theory of prosecution. Computer crimes are sometimes labeled cybercrime, internet fraud, computer fraud and cybersex crimes. Whatever their name, they have two things in common; they both entail the alleged use of a computer in the orchestration or commission of the crime and both require the individual accused of such a criminal charge to obtain the best criminal defense counsel they can find. While not technically a white collar crime, computer crimes often involved individuals who are considered white collar in nature-- both by virtue of their education and employment and because often times they will have no criminal history. Our criminal defense attorneys have handled a wide array of criminal charges involving computer crimes. We have defended clients in criminal cases involving charges ranging from possession of illegal pornography to embezzlement of hundreds of credit card holder's account in order to effect online purchases.

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