Computer Tampering

Computer Tampering Defense Lawyers

Computer tampering occurs when someone uses a computer without authorization in order to intentionally alter, destroy or remove data. In a case of computer tampering, the information can either be in a secured area, or even in someone’s home. There are many different types of computer tampering crimes. Computer tampering almost always occurs with another type of white collar crime such as identity theft or fraud. The computer that is used may have personal information, banking information or many other types of information that the person using the computer does not have the authority to access. Some types of computer tampering are much less harmful than others, and as a result they are not punished as severely. However, if the computer is used in order to commit a felony or if large amounts of money are involved, they charges can become quite serious. Those who are convicted of first or second degree computer tampering are likely to spend many years in prison; in such a situation it is also likely that they will have been convicted of other related charges as well such as fraud or grand larceny. No matter type of computer tampering crime you have been charged with get the best criminal defense lawyer possible in order to protect yourself against lengthy jail sentences and heavy fines.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend you against any charges of computer tampering. We have years of experience in dealing with serious white collar crimes and know what it takes to win in both state and federal courts. Our criminal defense lawyers will use all the resources of the firm to create the best defense possible for your case. If you have been charged with computer tampering or any serious white collar offense contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately to receive a free consultation.

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