• Crazy crimes of 2018

    Author : Criminal Defense Associates January 3, 2019

    It’s a new year, and it’s always time to reflect. Let’s take some time to reflect on the craziest, most insane crimes – or just weird acts - committed last year.

    Killer Klaus

    Remember the movie "Office Space" where fed-up, burnt-out workers took out their rage on a copy machine? Well, one guy in Germany took it a step further. A man called ‘Klaus O.' has been accused of murdering up to 21 of his co-workers after poisoning their lunches over the last 18 years. One day, Klaus's colleague found a white powder in his sandwich. After reporting it to the manager, the company saw Klaus on camera going through his co-workers' lunches and sprinkling the substance on their food. A search of Klaus's stuff revealed toxic chemicals like mercury, quicksilver, and lead- the same things found in the food. Since 2000, 21 former colleagues of Klaus have died under mysterious circumstances.


    Not to sound like a total millennial here, but avocados are so wonderful that it's not a surprise when it drives people to commit crimes. In New Zealand, a two-year shortage of avocados have made the price of the fruit to surge. Sensing an opportunity, thieves have started stealing them from orchards and selling them on the black market. Farmers have had to employ their own security and add razor wire fences around their trees. I can't help but think maybe instead of eating all that avocado toast, they're selling it- and millennials have finally figured out a way to have their avocado and buy a house too?

    Clean Up on Aisle 3

    Whenever I think of senior citizens at a Costco, I just imagine them perusing the aisles, eating the free samples, and wandering over to get a hot dog before they leave – a solid day out, right? Not in South Carolina. A 70-year-old customer was waiting in line for a free slice of cheese when a 72-year-old man cut in front of him and stole his sample. To add insult to injury, he did it again in the cheeseburger line! Having had enough, the younger man called him out on it and the 72-year-old man smacked him with such force that his hat flew off his head. The police were called to sort things out.


    In New Jersey, police had been searching for a mystery pooper who insisted on taking care of business on a sports field at Holmdel High School. Turns out it was Thomas Tramaglini, a superintendent of a school district a few miles away. Surveillance video caught him with his pants down – literally. He pled guilty in October to defecating in public and has since resigned from his position. His lawyer defended him, claiming he had ‘Runner’s Diarrhea’ and that there was never any evidence he was a serial offender. Another reason it’s always a good idea to carry dog poo bags around.

    Unhappy Meal

    Surely you've heard that McDonald's delivers through the app "Uber Eats" by now? Whether or not your personal pride will allow it, it's a popular service – until it goes wrong. An irate customer received his meal through Uber Eats but alas, it was cold by the time it arrived. Instead of addressing this with either company, the gentleman in question called 9-1-1 to complain. While it might seem like an emergency situation if your quarter pounder is cold.. it probably isn't an emergency. Actually, no. It definitely isn't.

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