Drug Conspiracy

Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy crimes are one of the most ambiguous offenses in the criminal system. You can be charged with drug conspiracy without ever having bought, sold or possessed any type of illegal narcotic. Simply having a conversation with another person who is under investigation for drug charges can be considered a ‘conspiracy’. Many other situations lead to conspiracy charges, such as lending someone property which is used for a drug crime.

Officially, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. To the police and prosecutors, it makes little difference whether the accused actually intended to commit a crime. Since there are few actions that need to be taken in order to possess illegal narcotics, anyone can find themselves quickly facing serious charges.

Being Aware of a Conspiracy

Drug conspiracies result in the arrest of many innocent people. Because drug crimes often involve large criminal networks and it is difficult for the authorities to determine who is involved and to what extent. Their answer is to arrest everyone who might be involved.

To actually be guilty of a drug conspiracy, the accused must have at least a small understanding that criminal actions are being taken and that they are involved. Many of those who are charged with a drug conspiracy are completely unaware. For example, lets say you are in car with a group of friends, and the driver gets pulled over by the police. They end up searching the trunk and find a large amount of illegal narcotics. The owner of the car is charged with possession, and everyone else is charged with conspiracy. But some of the people in the car may have been completely unaware that the drugs were even there.
Federal and State

Depending on the type of crime and the agency doing the arrest and investigation, those accused of drug conspiracy can face either state of federal charges. Both have serious penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines. But those facing Federal crimes tend to be in a tougher situation. Federal authorities such as the DEA and the FBI will do a thorough investigation and hand the case to the Federal prosecutor on a silver platter. Anyone simply possessing narcotics will be assumed to have an ‘intent to sell’ and can be fined millions of dollars.

Getting a Strong Defense

f you are facing charges for a drug conspiracy offense, then you need a criminal attorney to step in and dismiss the case before it goes further in the criminal process. These charges are often based on little evidence, and as a result, they can be easily discredited by an experienced drug defense lawyer. The police are too quick to arrest anyone who they think might be involved in drug crimes; they will often gain strong evidence against one person, then charge everyone who is involved with them and see if any of the charges stick. Your attorney needs to know how to handle the authorities and take an aggressive stance against unsubstantiated charges.

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