• Drug Trafficking

    Author : Criminal Defense Associates January 6, 2016


    BLF has represented hundreds of clients in drug trafficking and drug related criminal cases at both the federal and state systems. In federal drug cases, the Drug Enforcement Agency (the DEA) is usually the investigative police authority that heads the investigation and makes the arrests. At the state level the NYPD's undercover detectives operate the sting operations that lead to arrests.

    Federal criminal drug charges can range from allegations of drug or narcotics trafficking, drug possession, drug distribution and drug sales. The federal authorities are usually involved where there is a conspiracy or distribution that occurs between two or more states or even internationally. Drug crimes originating and remaining in the state of New York are generally prosecuted by prosecutors at one of the D.A.'s offices and sometimes the Attorney General's offices. BLF recently represented a citizen of Columbia in a drug sting operation that involved over a year of investigative surveillance of several alleged drug conspirators in which the government maintains that hundreds of kilos of cocain were being trafficked into the united states using drug mules.

    Our criminal attorneys recently represented a New York pharmacy in a criminal investigation led by the U.S. Attorney's Office during which the DEA raided our client's offices for prescription information in an attempt to prove that thousands of illegal presecriptions were being filled for patients who had supposedly purchased the prescriptions over the internet without having seen a physician. No arrests were made and no charges filed in that investigation. Call: (877) 7-BLANCH for a free consultation

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