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A hate crime is defined as any act of criminal violence, intimidation or destruction that is based upon a bias or prejudice. This could be any crime such as assault, murder, threats or robbery. The factors which motivate hate crimes usually include race, color, nationality, origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation. The reason that hate crimes are different is because they are directed toward a group of people, rather than just the individual themselves. This has many social implications, and can create fear or unrest in many individuals.

Hate crimes carry heavy stigmas, and those accused will suffer severe consequences which could include the loss of job, fines and imprisonment. It is very important if you have been accused of a hate crime to get the best criminal defense possible to represent you. Without a strong defense, you will spend many years in jail. Those convicted of hate crimes receive punishment for one level higher than the normal punishment for that crime. This means that a class C felony becomes a class B felony. This increases both the minimum and maximum amounts of time in jail if convicted. If you are convicted of a class A-I felony that involves a hate crime the minimum prison sentence is 20 years. The maximum prison term for these crimes is life imprisonment.

You could also be charged with hate crimes by a federal agency and receive trial in federal courts. The FBI has had lots of success in obtaining convictions for hate crimes in federal courts. This makes it very important to get a criminal defense attorney that will aggressively defend your rights even when faced with law enforcement from federal agencies. The punishments for convictions of federal hate crimes can be severe. It is important that your criminal defense attorney understands both the federal and state procedures concerning hate crimes.

Hate crimes have been more prevalent in New York in recent years; as a result, legislation has made a special provision to prosecute crimes of its nature. The public is becoming more aware of the increase in hate crimes, making prosecution and law enforcement eager to obtain convictions. On top of that, the publicity and media surrounding an alleged hate crime will make it difficult to have a fair trial. If you want to avoid spending a significant portion of your life in jail contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately. Our criminal defense team is ready to defend you against any allegations of hate crimes. We can prepare a strong criminal defense against even the most serious hate crimes including those which involve:

  1. Serious injury
  2. Murder
  3. Arson
  4. Violent Threats

Hate crimes are among the most incendiary of criminal allegations. If you or your loved one have been charged with a hate crime or are under suspicion contact our criminal defense attorneys and receive a free consultation on your case.

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