• Homicide

    Author : Criminal Defense Associates July 11, 2015

    Our firm represents clients accused of charges involving homicide, murder, manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter. Often where there is not an admission or confession the evidence and the criminal case comes down to a battle of the forensic experts and effective cross examination of witnesses. Preparing for the murder trial. Perhaps more than any other criminal charge, a homicide case demands that the criminal attorney defending his client be constantly preparing for trial. The evidence can often times go either way in such cases. Confessions in homicide cases are often made after several grueling hours of police interrogation. Because there is more at stake and because a human life has been lost, emotions run high all around and the sleep and food deprived suspect can often be tricked into confessing to a crime he or she did not actually commit. Whether the case goes to trial or not, preparation for trial is crucial. Only a great amount of preparation and attention to detail can allow the criminal defense lawyer to marshall the evidence in the light most favorable to his client. Such a marshalling of evidence will be required if the prosecutor is to be convinced of the possibility of the defendant's innocence. The murder trial is the quintessential criminal lawyer's trial experience. Very few murder criminal cases actually make it to trial. In our experience, murder cases more often than others carry with them a very real possibility of going to trial. This is because the plea offers on such cases often amount to something short of a life sentence, depending on the criminal defendant's age. Also, the police often have it wrong in murder cases. There are generally fewer witnesses, no paper trail and less evidence that directly implicates the suspect in a criminal murder case. The credibility of eye witnesses needs to be investigated and cross examined by the criminal defense lawyer in such cases. The forensics need to be analyzed by our own team of forensic experts.

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