Manufacture Defense Attorney

It is a criminal offense to grow, produce or possess plants which are used in the creation of illegal narcotics. Sometimes these precursors get their own laws, such as marijuana plants. It is a federal offense to important marijuana, and it is equally illegal to possess marijuana plants. By growing or producing plants which are used for any drug, you may find yourself under serious criminal charges, facing prison time and steep fines.

Criminal Manufacture of Drugs

It is equally criminal to manufacture drugs which are created chemically. Many drugs are created in illegal laboratories. Drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD and ecstasy require a combination of chemicals under a specific process. These drug laboratories can be charged with Federal drug crimes by the DEA and FBI or by New York State law enforcement.


Illegal narcotics can be grown outside, in the wilderness or farms, but these are often found by aerial searches. Drugs can be grown indoors through hydroponics or other residential methods. This occurs in many different locations, from basements to abandoned factories. Drugs are often grown in places which will not be noticed by the public. Many drugs are grown outside of the U.S. an imported through illegal methods.

If you have been found for an illegal manufacturing, please contact our criminal defense team.

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