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Murder is an extremely serious criminal charge which involves the malicious and willful killing of another human being. There are three types of murder charges in New York – second degree murder, aggravated murder, and first degree murder – which can all lead to life imprisonment upon conviction. If you are charged with homicide, you want the best team of murder lawyers possible, one that can dismiss the charges based on a lack of evidence, or at the very least reduce the charges to manslaughter. Because of the nature of murder, those charged received little sympathy from the courts. A dismissal or reduction of charges is only possible with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

A Solid Murder Defense Team

When dealing with charges of murder, it is vital that a defense lawyer get all the facts. Small details could make the difference between murder and manslaughter or justifiable homicide. Private investigators can be a crucial source of evidence for the criminal defense. After investigating, it is then necessary to formulate a unique defense strategy that is specialized to the case. The skill of the criminal defense lawyers will have a great impact on the outcome of a murder trial.

Exemplary Defense Services

The criminal defense lawyer should begin defending charges of murder during the early stages of the criminal process. If possible, before formal charges have been made. Police will often try to coerce statements or trick their suspects into making incriminating statements. If you are being questioned by the police, exercise your right to silence and contact your criminal defense attorney immediately.

It is also important to have a criminal defense lawyer that will listen to what you have to say and can give you all the facts you need. They should be honest and tell you what your chances are at trial so that you can decide if you want to take the prosecution’s plea bargain deal. The criminal defense team should also have great negotiating skills to get the best deal possible; meanwhile they should tirelessly prepare a criminal defense strategy in case a trial is necessary.

Experience Murder Defense Lawyers

Our team of murder defense lawyers is experienced with the most complex murder charges. We count among our ranks former DAs from Manhattan and Brooklyn with more than 40 years combined experience on both sides of the law. We have a solid record of results and satisfied clients – both testaments to the fact that we service our clients with diligence and respect.

Being charged with murder is a difficult process – there is the frightening prospect of jail and you and your family will be judged and stigmatized by the public. During this difficult time, we can serve to protect your rights and ensure your continued freedom. The most important thing when faced with murder is to avoid spending the rest of your life in jail. Our criminal defense attorneys will accomplish this through relentless defense strategies. We are prepared to defend against the most serious charges of murder which could involve: first degree murder, second degree murder, murder of a law enforcement officer, or multiple murder charges

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Evidence is the key factor in a murder trial. If there is any reasonable doubt about the evidence gathering procedures, the police investigation, the eye witness reports or whether the killing was premeditated, then that person should not be convicted of murder. If you or your loved one have been charged with or are under suspicion for murder do not hesitate to Contact our criminal defense team for a free attorney consultation.

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