Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Justice Defense Lawyers

Obstruction of justice is a serious federal offense where someone tries to impede the interfere with the legal process. This can include actions that impede the criminal process during the investigation stage or during the trial. There are many different ways that someone can be charged with obstructing justice such as:

1. Attempting to bribe a jury member
2. Threatening, assaulting, blackmailing or taking other actions against someone for taking part in a criminal investigation
3. Lying to law enforcement officials about important information such as personal information or giving false statements about the crime.
4. Knowingly altering, hiding or destroying evidence

The federal courts take obstruction of justice very seriously because it undermines the criminal justice system itself. Those convicted could spend up to 20 years in prison. The only way to avoid these harsh punishments is to get a great criminal defense attorney.

Our criminal defense lawyers are ready to defend you against any criminal charges including obstruction of justice. We have the experience and skill to successfully protect our clients against federal charges. The early stages of the criminal process are vital in creating a strong defense strategy. If you are suspected of obstructing justice contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately.

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