Drug Possession Attorneys

Charges for possession a controlled substance occurs when someone is caught by the police with illegal drugs, usually on their body, in their home or in their vehicle. Arrests for drug possession charges in New York are becoming more and more common, while the punishments remain incredibly harsh. The severity of the punishment depends on the amount and type of substance found. For substances other than marijuana, criminal possession can even result in A-I or A-II felony charges. Those convicted of the highest degrees of New York (NY) drug possession charges are likely to spend the remainder of their lives in prison. If you are facing charges for possession, you need to contact an experienced drug possession attorney immediately.

Drug Possession: Serious Charges

Search and seizure laws are a key focus of drug charges. Whether or not the police performed proper procedures during their investigation can mean the difference between conviction and dismissal. If your rights have been violated, it will make grounds for your drug possession lawyer to file a motion to suppress any evidence they found. Suppressing key drug evidence is a great defense strategy when facing serious charges of possession. However, if possible it is best not to wait until the investigation is over before contacting your drug possession lawyer.

A Solid Defense for Drug Charges

A good drug possession attorney can begin defending your rights before the police even finish their investigations. Sometimes small pieces of initial evidence such as apparatus used in drug manufacturing can lead to a search of your person or property. It is crucial to have an experience drug possession attorney interpreting search warrants, as well as search and seizure rules in order to ensure that your rights are protected.

We Can Help

Our criminal defense lawyers have successfully defended our clients against serious drug charges including possession and sale. If you are facing charges for drug possession, you can’t afford to settle for less than the best. You need an experienced drug defense attorney that knows how to dismiss or reduce any charges brought against you. Drug charges can become complex and often rely on the interpretation of many legal rules that only an attorney experience in drug defense will be able to apply effectively to your case. If you are facing charges of drug possession in New York, Contact our drug defense attorneys for your free and confidential initial consultation.

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