Robbery Defense Lawyers

Robbery occurs when someone takes the property of another through force or intimidation. Force is what distinguishes robbery from theft. Any amount of force can constitute robbery even if it is a verbal threat. Robbery is a serious criminal charge and has severe punishments. Charges of first degree robbery could mean up to 25 years imprisonment. The degree of punishments depends on the amount of force or threat used, whether there is a weapon involved and the degree of injuries that the victim sustained. Robbery can only occur if there is a victim to the crime, otherwise is considered larceny.

If the robbery is committed by threat, then the threat must put the victim in theimmediate fear of injury, serious injury or death. Since threats may play a role in determining the outcome of a case, only serious threats should be considered an act of robbery. When force is used, the amount of force can be small and still constitute an act of robbery. If someone were to push another person down in order to steal their wallet or purse, they would probably receive charges of robbery.

Anyone charged with robbery deserves a talented criminal defense attorney to come to their defense. Robbery has harsh punishments and the criminal defense must ensure that the evidence and sentence reflect the crime. If there have been improper investigation procedures or eye witness reports, then the charges should be reduced or dismissed accordingly.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to come to your defense against any charges of robbery. Using our private investigators, we will look for any weak evidence or inconsistent eye witness testimonies. Eye witnesses are often unreliable during intense situations and they can often make false identifications. It is important to have a criminal defense lawyer who will meticulously review these facts to find out if any mistakes have been made.
We provide a full defense against charges of robbery. We will aggressively seek to dismiss the charges using every tactic at our disposal. When possible, we will suppress evidence that is the basis for the charge. Success during the trial is the key to a good robbery defense. Our criminal defense lawyers will protect you against even the most serious robbery charges which may involve:

  1. Serious injury
  2. Bank robbery
  3. Accidental death

We are also prepared to defend against any charges which accompany the robbery such as assault, larceny or the possession of an illegal weapon. Robbery is often accompanied by other charges. If you or your loved one have been charged with or are under suspicion for robbery contact our criminal defense team and receive a free attorney consultation.

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