Sale and Distribution of Guns

Illegal Gun Sales Defense Lawyers

Selling guns can be legal if seller has the legal right to sell firearms; they sell those firearms through proper procedures and to those who are proper recipients. The sale of guns can become illegal through a number of ways, including the sale or distribution of stolen firearms. A conviction for selling illegal guns will result in imprisonment. The sentences can go as high as 25 years in prison depending on the number of guns that are sold and the nature of the crime.

Because guns are so dangerous and they related to a number of other crimes, law enforcement agencies are eager to obtain convictions for charges relating to the illegal possession, distribution or sale of guns. This also means that they can become too eager during their investigation and overlook important facts. A good criminal defense attorney will not let law enforcement get convictions for faulty or incomplete investigations. Convictions for gun charges should only occur when there is proof beyond reasonable doubt. Many weapons charges are based on the evidence collected in search and seizure. If there is an illegal search or the police took an illegal statement from the defendant, then a skilled criminal defense attorney can make a motion to dismiss all evidence that was gathered as a result of the improper procedure.

Selling Guns with the aid of Minors

Selling guns with the help of a minor is a serious criminal offense because it is very dangerous for a child to operate or be near any dangerous weapons. As a result, if the sale, distribution, disposal, or giving of an illegal firearm is done with the help of a person under 16, it is considered a class C felony. This means that anyone convicted of this crime could spend up to 15 years in jail. It is important if you have been accused of selling guns with the help of a minor to get the best criminal defense possible to represent you. Only by examining the evidence and discovering faulty or false investigations can charges of illegal guns be successfully defended.

Our criminal defense lawyers are prepared to defend our clients against any illegal weapons charges. We will perform our own investigation into the facts that your weapons charges are based on. If any of your rights have been violated or evidence was obtained falsely, then we will formulate an aggressive defense that seeks to dismiss your charges. We will defend you against charges of weapons that may include:

1.       Exporting or importing illegal weapons
2.       Selling weapons to minors or with the aid of minors
3.       Selling illegal weapons in large quantities

The illegal sale of guns can also be accompanied by other criminal charges depending on the nature of the crime. This could include the possession or sale of drugs, conspiracy or racketeering. Our criminal defense attorneys can defend against any criminal charges that accompany illegal weapons charges. If you or a loved one are being investigated for or have been charged with the illegal sale or distribution of guns contact our criminal defense team immediately to receive a free attorney consultation.

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