Stalking Defense Lawyers

Stalking occurs when someone intentionally engages in repeated conduct towards another person that puts them in fear  of their safety, the safety of another or the safety of their property. It is also considered stalking if the act causes emotional or psychological harm. Stalking is a criminal offense and should be taken seriously. Repeated convictions of stalking result in lengthy jail sentences. If you are charged with stalking, get the criminal charges dismissed and avoid jail, fines and a permanent criminal record. Avoiding with first conviction can also prevent being charged with a more serious stalking crime in the future, such as stalking in the first degree which is a class D felony. The only way to defend yourself against allegations of stalking is to get an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Stalking in New York can happen in a number of different ways which could include:

    1. -Watching, following, threatening or harassing another person
    2. -Repeated physical, sexual or emotional assault
    3. -Making unwanted calls
    4. -Sending unwanted mail or gifts
    5. -“Cyber stalking” – sending repeated online messages or following someone around the ‘cyber world’.

Anyone can be charged with stalking, but it typically occurs when a man is stalking a woman. Stalking can also occur between two persons that had a prior relationship and can often be coupled with charges of domestic abuse.
First time stalking is a misdemeanor, but as it occurs more often, the charges become more serious. If the alleged stalker is carrying a weapon or not is also taken into consideration when someone is charged with stalking. Law enforcement is eager to obtain convictions for stalking because it can precede violent crimes or sex crimes. If you have been charged with stalking, you need a great criminal defense attorney to represent you. Only by aggressively investigating the evidence and eye witness testimonies can charges of stalking be dismissed. No one should be convicted of such a crime based on the on the testimony of the victim alone. An accusation of stalking should be based upon reliable evidence. Your criminal defense can search for holes in the prosecution’s evidence and reveal inconsistencies in eye witness statements.
Our criminal defense team is prepared to defend you against any stalking charges. If you want to avoid jail, fines, a permanent criminal record or a restraining order that could limit your freedom contact our criminal defense firm. We will defend against stalking or any charges that accompany the stalking such as:

  1. -Possession of illegal weapons
  2. -Sexual assault or attempted sexual assault
  3. -Assault
  4. -Menacing

Stalking is a serious criminal matter. We provide a full defense against any stalking charges. If you or a loved one are have been accused of stalking contact our criminal defense team to receive a free attorney consultation.

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