• State Felonies

    Author : Criminal Defense Associates November 29, 2015

    The firm's New York criminal defense lawyers defend clients from criminal charges brought against them by both the Attorney General's Office and the District Attorneys' Offices in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester and Staten Island. The majority of our state practice focuses on major felonies including white collar charges and financial crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes and computer crimes. A few specific subcategories of these criminal cases are outlined here:

    Enterprise Corruption - The firm and its criminal attorneys defend clients against organized crime charges on the state and federal level. At the state level, the government has repackaged RICO into its New York mirror image known as Enterprise Corruption. This is a complicated area of substantive criminal law as it is similar to conspiracy charges in some ways but poses more obstacles to the prosecution. A NY defendant charged with Enterprise Corruption must have committed three independent criminal acts. Conspiracy charges may not operate as one of the criminal acts. Also, falling under the category of New York state organized crime are charges brought under theories involving criminal conspiracy and certain industry specific crimes involving illegal business practices such as promotion of gambling charges.

    Blue Sky Securities Violations- Violations of New York's Blue Sky laws are prosecuted and enforced by the Attorney General's Office, by and through the branch known as The Investor Protection Bureau. The IPB was designed to root out fraud against shareholders by monitoring securities sales in New York. Its powers are derived under The Martin Act. The AG's office ensures that brokers, dealers, salesmen and investment advisers to register with the Attorney General's Office. Where appropriate, the Bureau's attorneys undertake investigations, criminal prosecutions and civil litigation on behalf of the investing public. The Bureau's other major responsibilities include the enforcement of laws which regulate the financing of theatrical ventures, the sale of franchises, and corporate take-overs in New York State.

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