Terrorism Defense Lawyers

Terrorism occurs when someone attempts to intimidate society in general, intimidate a specific social group, affect the government or influence government policy by acts of murder, assassination or kidnapping, they commit one of the specified terrorist felonies. Crimes of terrorism have some of the most severe punishments in the justice system. Anyone convicted of a class B felony that is a terrorist act will be sentenced under the rules of a class A-I felony. This means that second degree kidnapping or first degree manslaughter could result in life imprisonment. Any A-I felony terrorist act has a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without parole. With punishments this severe it is extremely important to get the best criminal defense possible. Only through aggressive defense strategies and meticulous trial preparation can charges of terrorism be reduced or dismissed.

The punishments for acts of terrorism are not reserved solely for those who are committing the terrorist acts. Those who aid terrorism in any way can also receive harsh sentences. Being convicted solely for providing financial support for an act of terrorism could result in up to 15 years imprisonment. Conviction for aiding a terrorist, by hiding them from law enforcement or legal prosecution, when that person has committed a terrorist act resulting in the death of another can lead to up to 25 years in prison.

Crimes of terrorism are also prosecutable in federal courts. Federal charges include financing, harboring, or giving material aid to terrorists. Simply providing a small amount of material support to a terrorist would mean up to 15 years imprisonment upon conviction. If you are suspected for terrorism it is important to get a criminal defense attorney who can protect you in both state and federal courts.

Once you are under suspicion for any charges of terrorism, you should contact a criminal defense attorney right away. Often law enforcement or the FBI will try to violate their suspect’s rights to privacy in the course of their investigations. As soon as you suspect that you may be investigated for terrorism get your criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and freedoms.

Our criminal defense associates are ready to defend you against any charges of terrorism. The government has a strong stance against terrorism since 911, so you need a criminal defense that can stand up to their overzealous investigations, ensuring that you receive a fair trial. Charges of terrorism also receive media attention, so it is important to have a criminal defense that make sure all the facts are revealed in court. No one should be convicted for crimes of terrorism based solely on a label they received as a result of the initial investigation. We are prepared to defend our clients against even the most serious charges of terrorism which may include:

  1. Kidnapping government employees or politicians
  2. Murder or assassination
  3. Possession or use a chemical or biological weapons

The use of chemical or biological weapons is one of the most serious types of terrorist charges. Possession alone can result in life imprisonment. If you are suspected of possessing chemical or biological weapons or any other crimes of terrorism contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately to receive a free attorney consultation.

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