Unlawful Imprisonment

Unlawful Imprisonment Defense Lawyers

Unlawful imprisonment is closely related to kidnapping. It occurs when someone restrains another person against their will. The charges become even more serious when the restraint exposes them to a risk of physical injury. Although the punishments for unlawful imprisonment are not as serious as kidnapping, it is a serious criminal matter. A conviction for unlawful imprisonment will result in a permanent criminal record and probably imprisonment. The only way to avoid these consequences is to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to protect you against any criminal charges including kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment. Often the nature of the police investigation and the eye witness statements play an important role in determining the outcome of a case of unlawful imprisonment. Our private investigators will find holes in eye witness’ stories in order to believably impeach their testimonies. We will put all of our energy and resources into dismissing your charges. In order to arrange a free consultation on your case contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible.


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