Unlawful Possession of a Weapon

Unlawful Possession of a Weapon Defense Lawyers

Unlawful possession of a weapon is often charged with other crimes such asassault with a weapon, armed robbery or other violent crimes. The charge for unlawfully possessing a weapon is not that severe by itself, but those who are facing multiple felonies are likely to spend years in prison. Defending against illegal weapon charges often involves attacking the procedures of the police Successfully suppressing evidence of illegal weapons can play an important role in defending against more serious charges such as robbery. If you are facing multiple charges involving illegal weapons you need the best criminal defense lawyer you can get.

Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to protect you against any illegal weapons offenses and violent felonies. We have the experience and skill to create an intimidating defense against even the most serious criminal charges. Don’t settle for less than the best or you may be paying for it for the rest of your life. Contact our criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible to get a free consultation on your case.

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