Attempted Murder

Attempted Murder Defense Lawyers

Attempted murder is committed when someone tries to kill another person but is unsuccessful. There are a few things that make attempted murder different from serious crimes of assault. First, the person must have a specific intention to kill the victim. If there is evidence that the defendant made a prior claim that they wanted to kill the victim or if they made a threat involving death before the crime, then it would probably be considered attempted murder. However, most of the time the prosecution bases attempted murder based on the nature of the crime itself. This leads to wrongful accusations of attempted murder when, in fact, it is assault. Another thing that makes attempted murder different from assault is the type of preparation. While someone who intends to commit a serious assault might go and get a weapon, the weapons for murder are usually more lethal. Also, any other preparation which indicates a murderous intent would be incriminating. Examples might be getting equipment to dispose a body, or ‘lying in wait’ at a very discreet location.

There are many ways to defend someone against allegations of attempted murder, however the charges should not be taken lightly. Attempted murder results in punishments almost as severe as murder itself; in the case of murder in the first degree, it is possible to still receive life imprisonment for an unsuccessful attempt. The consequences of a conviction are harsh and you can’t afford to bet your future on anything less than the best. Get a criminal defense lawyer that you know can successfully protect you against charges of attempted murder.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to protect you against any criminal charges. We have successfully defended our clients against charges of attempted murder in the past and we know what it takes to win. Being charged with murder is a difficult process – there is the frightening prospect of jail and you and your family will be stigmatized by the public. During this difficult time we can protect your rights and interests. The most important thing is to avoid spending the rest of your life in jail. Our criminal defense lawyers will protect you by using relentless criminal defense strategies. We can defend against even the most serious charges of attempted murder which could involve:

1. Attempted murder of a child
2. Attempted murder of a police officer
3. Attempted murder resulting in permanent physical or mental disability

If you are facing charges for attempted murder don’t settle for less than the best. In order to receive a free consultation on your case contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible.

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