Carjacking Defense Lawyers

Carjacking is a type of robbery offense that became a federal crime in 1992. It occurs when someone robs another person of their vehicle by force or threat. In the past, cars were typically stolen without anyone being present. In the early 1990’s more and more incidents of carjacking were occurring which made it necessary for the United States government to create a new carjacking law. Law enforcement and criminal prosecutors are eager to obtain convictions for carjacking because cases of it are becoming more and more frequent.

Another factor which makes carjacking a serious crime is that it is extremely hazardous. Usually a great amount of force is required to remove the victim from their vehicle. Sometimes in the commission of a carjacking, the offender may even shoot the victim in order to obtain control of the vehicle.  This usually leads to additional charges. Those who are charged with carjacking as a federal crime could also be charged with many other crimes by state prosecutors. Assault, attempted murder, theft, or menacing could all be charged by the state.

The criminal process can become very complex when charged with a federal crime such as carjacking. This makes it necessary to choose a criminal defense attorney who can protect their clients against charges at both a State and Federal level. This means that they know how both the State and Federal courts work, and that they understand the many details of both States and Federal laws. It might be necessary for your criminal defense to defend you against many different charges. This would mean that they have to create a different defense strategy for each court system.

The punishments for carjacking are harsh. The federal courts sentence carjackers to up to 15 years in prison. If the individual in the car receives any kind of serious injury, then the sentence of imprisonment could reach up to 25 years. If they die, even by accident during the crime, then the defendant could receive life in prison. Without a criminal defense lawyer with the skill and experience to defend against seriously felony charges, you may end up receiving a maximum prison sentence.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to defend against any charges of carjacking. We will create a criminal defense strategy unique to your case. Our expert team of criminal lawyers will work relentlessly to find holes in the prosecution’s evidence. Using our private investigators, we will question any evidence that the prosecution brings forward and find inconsistencies in the testimony of eye witnesses. We will also defend you against any charges that occur during the commission of a carjacking such as:

  1. Murder
  2. Manslaughter
  3. Assault
  4. Menacing
  5. Attempted murder

Carjacking is a serious criminal offense that has severe punishments. This means that it requires the best criminal defense possible in order to successfully defend against its charges. If you or a loved one have been charged or are under suspicion for carjacking contact our criminal defense team to arrange a free consultation on your case.

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