Child Abuse


Child Abuse Defense Lawyers

Child abuse involves the persistent physical abuse of a child. There is no way for a child to defend themselves, so they must rely on others, such as their parents or guardians to defend them. However, this does not always ensure that those who are being charged are actually criminals. Recent studies show that of all child abuse reports over 60% turn out to be unsubstantiated. The fact is that the legal system is quick to come to the aid of children, but may forget the rights of those who are accused.

It is the responsibility of any government worker or health care provider to report suspected child abuse. In fact, under federal law they can be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to make a report. This law is made in order to protect children; however it does increase the number of false reports. A few signs or symptoms of abuse could cause a health care worker to make a child abuse report and then before you know it, you are under investigation. The only way to clear up the charges is to get counsel from a qualified criminal defense attorney.

As soon as you have been accused of child abuse it is a good idea to immediately seek a criminal defense lawyer. Sometimes a parent or a guardian of the child may be accused by another person. Do not try to handle this kind of situation on your own. Case workers may threaten to take away your child because of a false accusation. This requires a qualified criminal defense representative in order to defend your rights and interpret the laws. Without a defending attorney, your rights may be violated without you being aware of it.

In New York, there is a penalty for making a false report of child abuse on purpose. However, this does not prevent it from happening. Anyone can quickly make an allegation of child abuse that will drastically alter your life. It is necessary to counter these accusations with a strong criminal defense. Your criminal defense lawyer will examine all the evidence for the suspicion of child abuse or child abuse charges; then they will find any area where evidence is faulty or lacking and use it to attack the case of the prosecution or law enforcement

Child abuse can be punished as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the severity of the injuries and the age of the child. The punishments for a misdemeanor may not be harsh, but a felony conviction could mean spending years in jail. This is a heavy cost for a false allegation of child abuse.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to defend against any charges of child abuse. We can create a successful criminal defense strategy that is unique to your case. Benefit from our experience and skill with all forms of criminal law. We are ready to defend against even the most serious allegations of child abuse involving:

  1. Serious injury or death of the child
  2. Persistent long-term abuse

Child abuse is a serious criminal offense; whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor, those convicted will have a permanent criminal record and if they are the legal guardian, could lose custody of the child. If you or a loved one have been accused of child abuse contact our criminal defense attorneys right away to receive a free attorney consultation

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