Criminal Negiligence

Criminal Negligence Defense Lawyers

Criminal negligence is an important part of many violent crimes. Most crimes are committed through actions that are performed by the perpetrator; however, criminally negligent acts occur when a crime is committed by failing to act. The most serious crime of criminal negligence is criminally negligent homicide. This occurs when a person causes the death of another by a criminal omission. Allegations of criminal negligence, no matter what the crime require the best criminal defense attorney possible in order to dismiss the charges.

Charges of criminally negligent homicide and aggravated criminally negligent homicide are rarely supported by strong evidence. It is important for the criminal defense to examine all the evidence and accounts of the alleged crime to find out if the defendant actually had both the ability and responsibility to act. Moreover, that their failure to act resulted in the death of the other person. If the prosecution cannot prove these things, then the defendant should not be convicted of criminal negligence.

Another type of criminal negligence can occur through reckless actions. Reckless actions can result in serious punishments. Recklessly causing the death of another is considered second degree manslaughter. If death occurs in an attempt to cause serious physical harm, then it can be considered first degree manslaughter. Finally, if the criminal act or omission that results in the death of another occurs during the commission of a separate felony, then it could even result in charges of murder under the felony-murder rule. Recklessly causing the death of another can happen in a number of ways. It can happen while driving recklessly or impaired. It can even occur if someone has a legal responsibility to come to the aid of another, but fails to perform their duty. This might occur if a health care worker caused the death of another by failing to follow proper protocols.

The punishments for criminal negligence have a wide range of severity. If the negligence involves the death of another person, then you are likely to spend years in prison without a strong criminal defense.  Charges of aggravated criminally negligent homicide could result in up to 15 years imprisonment. Other charges of criminal negligence can occur because of crimes such as arson, and also carry severe punishments.  If you have been falsely charged with a criminal negligence due to an act or omission, do not try and explain yourself to law enforcement. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately and let them do the explaining for you.

Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to defend you against any charges of criminal negligence whether they result from arson, injury, serious injury or death. We will create a successful criminal defense strategy for your case and defend against all allegations. Our criminal defense team will fully investigate the evidence surrounding the case and find facts which point toward your innocence. Most criminal negligence offenses are serious crimes and require the best criminal defense possible. If you or your loved one are under suspicion for a crime of negligence or have been charged with criminal negligence contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation on your case.

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