Hit and Run

Hit and Run Defense Lawyers

When a person is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle they are required to stop as soon as safely possible and provide their contact information to the owner of the damaged property or tend to any injured persons. If property is damaged, but no one is present, then the person must leave a note with contact information. If this is not done, then it is considered a ‘hit and run’.

A hit and run case can be very complicated, depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. It is therefore in your best interests to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are under suspicion or have been charged with a hit and run. When the police begin to investigate a hit and run, the first thing they usually do is contact their suspect and request that they bring the car to the police station and provide a statement. If you are asked to do so, it is not a good idea to comply. Instead, contact your criminal defense attorney and get a consultation as soon as possible. A good criminal attorney will choose the best way to deal with the police investigation and aggressively defend you against their suspicions. Exercising your right to a criminal defense counsel does not mean you are refusing to cooperate, so it cannot be held against you.

Hit and run is a serious criminal charge and can result in fines, reparations, prison, loss of license, and increased car insurance fees. When determining the punishments for a hit and run the courts will take into account the: monetary value of the damage, injuries to any persons involved, cooperation with the police, and your criminal record. A hit and run where a person is injured is considered a class A misdemeanor. If someone is seriously injured it is a class E felony and if there is a death involved it is a class D felony. The fines for a hit and run can go as high as five thousand dollars.

Our criminal defense associates have experience defending vehicular crimes. Using our private investigators, we can gather evidence surrounding the accident and build a strong defense strategy. Our criminal lawyers are prepared to defend you against any hit and run charges including those involving:

  1. Serious injury
  2. Death
  3. Expensive damages

A hit and run is a serious crime that can result in the temporary or permanent loss of your driver’s license. If it involves serious injury or death, it can also result in prison. If you or your loved one have been accused of or have received charged for a hit and run contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately to receive a free consultation.

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