Kidnapping Defense Lawyers

Kidnapping is one of the most serious criminal offenses. Abducting another person is considered a class B felony. If that person is abducted for more than 12 hours or they are abducted in return for ransom, it is considered first degree kidnapping – a class A-I felony. Anyone convicted of kidnapping will spend a long time in jail; a conviction for first degree kidnapping could mean up to life imprisonment. Kidnapping is usually facilitated through force or threat and involves detaining someone and moving them from one location to another. The location that a person is moved can be small; even moving them next door could be considered kidnapping. The main difference between kidnapping and other crimes that involve criminal restraint is detaining the person in a secret location or using deadly force to facilitate their restraint.

Kidnapping for ransom is rare in modern times because the FBI maintains an aggressive stance towards kidnapping cases. It is a special priority of the bureau to viciously pursue kidnappers and rescue kidnapped victims. Kidnapping can be prosecuted in federal courts. If this occurs, it is important to have a criminal defense attorney that has a good understanding of federal law and federal courts. Without a good criminal defense, you will be at the mercy of federal judges and could receive a long imprisonment. In federal courts, a conviction of kidnapping could mean up to life imprisonment. If a person dies as a result of the kidnapping, the sentence is either life imprisonment or the death penalty. Merely receiving money from a ransom exchange, even if you were not involved in the kidnapping would mean up to 10 year imprisonment. With severe punishments like these, it is necessary to have a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in defending federal crimes.

If you are under investigation for kidnapping by either a federal or state agency, our criminal defense team will protect your liberty regardless of the charges brought against you. Our skills have been proven many times by defending our clients against even the most serious criminal allegations. We will also defend our clients against other felonies which may occur during the commission of the kidnapping including:

  1. Murder
  2. Rape
  3. Assault
  4. Manslaughter

Kidnapping is a serious criminal charge and carries severe punishments. If you or your loved one have been charged with or are under suspicion for kidnapping contact our criminal defense lawyers immediately to receive a free attorney consultation.

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