Mayhem Defense Lawyers

Mayhem is closely related to assault and battery, which is the most basic of violent offenses. Assault includes any action which intends to cause injury or the threat of injury. Mayhem involves assault but also includes permanent physical injury such as disfigurement, disablement, or the amputation of a part of that person’s body. In New York mayhem is charged as the most serious type of assault & battery offense. It is a class B felony and can result in up to 25 years in prison.

Permanent Injury

One of the main differences between mayhem and assault is that it causes permanent injury to the victim. Any type of injury that will go away after a certain period of time should not be considered serious enough to constitute mayhem. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish permanent from temporary injuries during court. Medical examiners may have differing opinions about the victim’s injuries. It is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney during these times to avoid being unfairly charged. Mayhem has severe punishments and should be reserved for only the most serious injuries.


Disfigurement does not refer to any disfiguring injury but only those which are permanent and normally visible. Often this only includes injuries to the face. A mild injury should not be considered mayhem but only those which are grotesque injuries resulting from an extremely violent assault. A good criminal defense attorney can help to defend your rights against a false accusation of creating a permanently disfiguring injury.


Disablement means that a bodily organ, muscles, nerves or joins permanently lose their function. There is a great deal of controversy during these cases on what is considered a permanent injury. These types of disablements can only occur during the most violent assaults. It is also important to distinguish between the assault and faulty medical procedure. Sometimes an injury that is not typically a permanent injury can result in some sort of permanent disablement because it is improperly treated. Allegations of causing disabling injuries make it extremely important to have a great criminal defense attorney to protect your liberty. Otherwise you could receive a long prison sentence.


When a part of the body is permanently removed, this constitutes an act of criminal mayhem. This is one of the most serious types of mayhem and is the most difficult to defend. Once the part is removed, either during the assault or as a result of a medical procedure, the crime would be considered first degree assault. This makes it extremely important to have an excellent criminal defense. They can question witnesses and gather evidence to get all of the facts surrounding the alleged crime.

Our criminal defense associates are experienced in defending charges of assault and mayhem. We have successfully defended our clients against charges of serious assault by getting their case dismissed. We are prepared to devote the firm’s time and resources to even the most serious mayhem charges. We will defend:

  1. Mayhem causing grave disfigurement
  2. Mayhem involving the loss of a limb
  3. Mayhem the permanent disablement of a limb

If you or your loved one are facing charges of assault or mayhem, contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately and get a free consultation.

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