Embezzlement Defense Lawyers

Embezzlement means to take money from a business or employer under fraudulently diverting it from where it’s legally due. The amount of money in a case of embezzlement can be very small or very large, from a few dollars to millions. It can involve both larceny and fraud depending on the particular details of the crime. But no matter what the amount or whether you are charged with fraud, embezzlement is a serious criminal offense. Apart from jail time and steep fines, you face the prospect of a criminal record and severe restrictions on future employment opportunities. Jobs that deal with any kind of access to money or funds will be extremely hesitant to hire someone who has embezzlement on their criminal record.

Crimes of embezzlement can sometimes be very difficult to prove in court. The prosecution may have difficult showing that the defendant definitely diverted funds beyond a reasonable doubt. Also, employers often exaggerate their losses in order to gain more from insurance. This can discredit the prosecution’s case and cause the dismissal of charges. A good criminal defense attorney will explore all options that could help your case if you are charged with embezzlement.

Sometimes crimes of embezzlement will be prosecuted in federal courts. This makes it important to have a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to protect you against both state and federal laws. Federal embezzlement typically deals with taking public funds. Crimes which are charged by the state usually deal with embezzlement in corporate settings.

It is very important when you face charges of embezzlement to get a criminal attorney who has experience in defending larceny and fraud as well. Because it involves stealing from an employer, fraud is usually necessary in the commission embezzlement.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to protect our clients against any charges of embezzlement. We have the experience and skill to create successful defense strategies against charges from both federal and state courts. Using all the resources at our disposal, we will work relentless to dismiss or reduce the charges against you. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend against charges of embezzlement which may include:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Using fraudulent records to conceal theft
  • Stealing large amounts of money

Embezzlement cannot be taken lightly no matter how large or small the monetary value. Large fines and imprisonment await those convicted. The punishments can be severe, especially from federal courts. If you have been charged with embezzlement or are under investigation contact our criminal defense attorneys to receive a free consultation on your case.

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