Enterprise Corruption

Enterprise Corruption Defense Lawyers

Enterprise corruption occurs when a network of organized crime exists within a business or corporation. Organized crime refers to a complex network of criminal activity. Crimes such as force, fraud and corruption are the main focuses of the statute. Although organized crime is a major problem, the definitions of enterprise corruption are often too broad to find and prosecute businesses which are truly corrupt. Law enforcement, in their zeal to eliminate illegal networks of crime will often make allegations of enterprise corruption when no such network exists. In order to defend your business and yourself against charges of enterprise corruption or other charges of organized crime, you need a strong criminal defense attorney to protect you.

Organized crime can include acts of theft, distribution of drugs, extortion, fraud and trafficking stolen goods. In order to be convicted of a charge for enterprise corruption, a specific criminal act does not need to be proven, but instead that a network of criminal activity was occurring. Sometimes false allegations are made against honest businesses when a single employee was acting alone in the commission of a felony. In these cases, the business suffers the most because it is first exploited by an illegal practice and then must undergo investigation and possibly even trial for activities of organized crime.

The punishments for enterprise corruption can be severely damaging to the people and the business involved. It is a class B felony and anyone convicted faces heavy fines and up to 25 years imprisonment. This does not include what can happen to the business during the investigation. Financial assets can be seized and all financial activities may be suspended for the duration of the trial. It is imperative to have a criminal defense attorney that can successfully defend against charges of enterprise corruption.

Our criminal defense associates are prepared to defend our clients against any allegations of enterprise corruption. We have experience in defending serious white collar crimes aimed at medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, principals of hedge funds and alleged gambling organizations. We are prepared to protect you against even the most serious allegations of enterprise corruption which may include:

1. Grand larceny and sale of stolen goods
2. Drug trafficking, sale and distribution of drugs
3. Violent crimes
4. Illegally selling guns

It takes a strong criminal defense attorney to stand up to the government and ensure that your rights and the rights of your business are not being violated. If you or your business have been charged with or are under investigation for crimes of enterprise corruption contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

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