Environmental Crimes

Environmental Crimes Defense Lawyers

Environmental crimes occur whenever the actions or omissions of a person or a business do not follow the environmental standards of the state or federal government when dealing with substances that could be harmful to human health or the environment. Typical environmental crimes include dumping hazardous waste into the earth, rivers or lakes. Environmental violations usually pose a health risk to any people living near by, as well as harm the property on which the act is committed as well as the surrounding environment. The charges can be laid against a single person, multiple people, or a corporation. Typical environmental crimes include dumping toxic waste or polluting waterways.

In recent years, a number of federal and state acts have been produced targeted at protecting the environment against hazards. These include the National Environmental Policy Act, the Environmental Quality Improvement Act, as well as many others that are aimed at preventing the introduction of substances which are harmful to the environment. Some laws seek to safeguard one aspect of the environment safe as air, water or wildlife, while others are against specific wastes, pesticides or other chemicals.

There are both federal and state organizations which are set up specifically to find and prosecute environmental violations. The Department of Justice investigates many of the environmental crimes which fall under federal jurisdiction. Each state has separate agencies which can prosecute the environmental violations which pertain to that state. It is important to have a criminal defense attorney that can defend you against allegations of environmental crimes in both federal and state courts.

Those convicted of environmental crimes typically receive fines, probation and imprisonment. Sometimes there are other options, or the penalties for the crime can be significantly reduce so it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to find out what options are available. But sometimes these are not the only penalties of environmental crimes. Conviction, charges or even an investigation could ruin your business and be of great personal cost. This makes it extremely important to get a great criminal defense attorney during the early phases of an investigations for environmental violations. They can help to ensure that the federal or state agencies do not overstep their boundaries and violate your rights. If possible, they will ensure that your business is not hindered without a valid reason. The regulations for environmental crimes are very long, very technical and nature and very complicated. Only a criminal defense lawyer with the necessary experience and skill can successful defend the charges against you or your business.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to defend you against any charges of environmental crimes. We will work tirelessly to prepare a relentless defense strategy and do anything possible to prevent jail, fines and damage to your business. Our criminal defense lawyers have the experience and skill necessary to successfully protect you against allegations of environmental violations. We will handle the most serious cases, including those which involve:

  1. Releasing substances which are suspected of causing illness or injury to one or more persons
  2. Dumping hazardous wastes
  3. Environmental damages which require a high cost to repair or undo

You require the best criminal defense to fight against the state or federal agencies that suspect you with crimes against the environment. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for environmental crimes contact our criminal defense team today to arrange a free attorney consultation.

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