Forgery Defense

Forgery is a type of fraud that involves making or altering written documents in order to deceive a person or institution. This can be as complex as making alterations to a contract or as simple as signing a check with the signature of someone else. Forgery is closely related to Counterfeiting, but can involve written documents that are not related to money. Those charged with forgery face the potential of serious jail time. This is accompanied by probation, parole, large fines and a permanent criminal record. A criminal record for forgery is very damaging because it can hinder many aspects of day to day living, from getting credit to obtaining employment opportunities. The only way to avoid these frightening prospects is to get a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively seek to discredit the evidence of the prosecution and law enforcement.

Forgery Crimes

There are many different types of forgery crimes that fall under both federal and state criminal laws. Forging documents under state law can mean up to 15 years imprisonment. If the forged documents relate to government institutions or agencies, those convicted may see additional fines and punishments from federal courts. Those charged with forgery are also usually charged with more than one offense. There are many different charges that could apply, depending on the case, but typically charges of Fraud or Identity Theft are included.

Forgery Charges

Often those accused of forgery are unaware that the documents they had was actually forged. At other times, a small act that is not intended to be criminal could be considered forgery. If you are in a situation such as this, you will quickly find yourself under multiple charges at both federal and state levels involving Fraud and possibly even Conspiracy. The only way to avoid jail and heavy fines is to get a criminal defense attorney that knows how to successfully protect their clients against allegations of forgery and other white collar crimes.

Our criminal defense associates are prepared to defend our clients against any allegations of forgery. We have the experience and skill to handle even the most serious cases of fraud which may include:

1. Identity Theft Forgery
2. Insurance forgery
3. Using forged documents to procure funds

Our criminal attorneys have successfully dismissed charges of fraud and know what it takes to defend our clients in both state and federal courts. It takes a strong criminal defense attorney to stand up to the government and ensure that your rights are not being violated. If you or a loved one have been charged with or are under investigation for crimes of forgery or fraud Contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation.

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