Fraud Defense

Fraud occurs when someone willingly makes deceives or tricks another person or institution in order to gain something of value for themselves while causing damage to the victim. It is often referred to as ‘theft by deception’. There are many different types of fraud offenses that cover the many different ways in which a person can take another’s property through false pretenses or fraudulent acts. There are fraud statutes at both state and federal levels. What determines the type of fraud can either by the method through which the fraud is committed, such as with mail fraud where the act of fraud is committed through the mail, or it can be determined by the action itself, such as withSecurities Fraud.

Federal Fraud Offenses

The common means by which fraud is committed are Mail FraudComputer FraudWire Fraud or Telemarketing Fraud. Typically these acts are federal offenses. Federal offenses have a wide range of punishments and fines; sometimes the jail sentences are only for up to 1 year – these types of charges usually are designed for cases where many charges are used. Other federal offenses of fraud can result in up to 20 or 30 year prison sentences and up to $1,000,000 in fines. Crimes such as these usually involve large amounts of money or large monetary damage to an institution – securities fraud or counterfeiting are two good examples. Cases of federal fraud can be investigated by many different agencies ranging from the Internal Revenue Service to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or even the Department of Justice. Being charged with fraud at a federal level requires a federal fraud defense attorney. If your criminal defense lawyer doesn’t know how to successfully defend charges from federal courts, then you are likely to spend many years in jail.

State Fraud Offenses

Other types of fraud are state crimes. Common state charges of fraud includeWelfare Fraud and Prescription Fraud. The charges at a state level are usually determined by the type of fraud and the amount of money that is involved. The higher the amount of money taken through fraudulent means, or the amount of monetary damage to another person or business will result in a greater punishment. Some crimes of fraud at a state level will result in fines and prison terms of up to 15 or 25 years. Being charged with fraud from the state requires a fraud defense attorney that knows what kinds of defenses will work in the local court systems. Knowing what defenses to use and when to use them could mean the difference between keeping your liberty and ending up in jail.

Complex Fraud Cases

There are many offenses of fraud are which are not simply prosecuted from either state law enforcement or federal agencies. Sometimes, alleged crimes of fraud can receive charges at both state and federal levels. When you come under investigation for fraud, you should immediately contact a fraud defense attorney that you know can defend you at both state and federal levels before being formally charged.

We Can Help

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against any allegations of fraud. We have successfully dismissed charges of fraud and know what it takes to defend our clients in both state and federal courts. It takes a strong criminal defense attorney to stand up to the government and ensure that your rights are not being violated. If you or a loved one have been charged with or are under investigation for crimes of fraud, Contact our fraud defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a free and confidential intial consultation.

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