Import/Export Crimes

Import-Export Crimes Defense Lawyers

Import/ Export Crimes are federal offenses that involve fraudulent activities on import and export goods. Usually, the claim on the quantity of goods or the classification of the goods is made falsely in order to lower the price of taxes. Import/ Export crimes are a serious criminal matter that could lead to fines, jail time, and a bad reputation with federal agencies that govern the importing and exporting goods. In order to maintain the integrity of your business, you need to get a criminal defense attorney that can successfully dismiss all allegation of criminal activity.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against any charges of import/ export crimes or other white collar offense. We have experience with all types of white collar felonies and have successfully dismissed charges of import/export crimes. Our criminal defense lawyers know what it takes to win in federal  courts. If you have been charged with an import/export crime contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a free consultation on your case.

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