Insider Trading

Insider Trading Lawyer

Insider trading occurs when confidential information about significant events within a corporation are leaked in order benefit the transactions of those who receive the information. This also means that investors who do not have this confidential information are at a disadvantage.

Insider Trading: A Serious Offense

Insider trading can result in several federal charges. Those who are charged with insider trading can be anyone from the head of a company, to low level employees and even those who receive confidential information as a third party can be charged with insider trading. If you are facing federal charges, it is important to secure the services of an experience insider trading lawyer who knows how to successfully defend their clients in federal court.

A Strong Insider Trading Defense

Insider trading cases can be complex. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend their clients against any charges of insider trading or other white collar offenses. We have experience in both federal and state courts and know what it takes to win in both. Often charges of insider trading or other stock and bond violations can be the result of actions which were not intended to be illegal.

We Can Help

If this happens to you, do not try and explain yourself to the federal authorities. Get your criminal defense lawyer to do the explaining for you. The only way to get your charges dismissed is with an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you have been charged with insider trading Contact our team of insider trading lawyers immediately to receive a free and confidential attorney consultation.

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