Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Medicaid fraud is a type of health care fraud that deals specifically with fraudulent activities involving medicaid services. Medicaid is a health care program similar to medicare but is designed to help those in low income families. Most allegations of medicaid fraud are the result of simple mistakes. It is rare that a health care provider or a physician genuinely intends to take advantage of the Medicaid system. The majority of those who are in the Medicaid program only bill for services which are actually provided. Those that actually are trying to cheat the system are capable of costing Medicaid millions of dollars each year. As a result, Medicaid is extremely eager to find those who are actually committing health care fraud, and may investigate or even charge those who have made honest errors in the process.

Medicaid Fraud Prosecution

Those who may point out errors in the Medicaid system include the Center for Medicaid Services, customers that use Medicaid, other health care professionals or federal investigation agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Department of Justice. The federal government is responsible for investigating and prosecuting its Medicaid fraud offenders. Common Medicaid fraud crimes include billing for services that were not rendered, making false reports, creating self-referrals and accepting kickbacks. Federal agencies make Medicaid fraud a priority and usually take great care in assembling a strong case against those which they investigate. This makes it crucial to have a criminal defense attorney that knows how to fight against allegations of Medicaid fraud and the federal agencies which are responsible for its prosecution.

We Can Help

Our criminal defense lawyers are prepared to defend against any allegations, inquiries or charges of Medicaid fraud or other types of health care fraud. Successfully protecting our clients often means proving that the services or sales were real and necessary. At the very least, we can discredit the investigation brought against you and provide reasonable doubt that there was any kind of fraudulent activity. If no other options are available, we will work towards keeping your business in operation and reducing the charges to a minimum.

Medicaid fraud is a serious criminal charge that threatens your business and your liberty. Our Medicaid fraud lawyers are prepared to protect our clients against even the most serious charges of health care fraud. If you or a loved one have been charged with or are under investigation for fraudulent activities, Contact our criminal defense team as soon as possible to arrange a free and confidential attorney consultation.

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