Money Laundering

Money Laundering Attorney

Money laundering involves transferring or investing money from an illegal source so that it appears to be legal or cannot be traced back to where it originally came from. The illegal act that can result in ‘dirty money’ can range from Embezzlement to Drug Offenses. Because money from these sources is occasionally involved in funding terrorism, the U.S. government has increased investigations into possible acts of money laundering and they FBI are more eager than ever to obtain convictions. This does not only include the focus of federal agencies, but more funding has also been put into investigations.

Money Laundering Charges

Charges of money laundering internationally or between states are sometimes very complex. They require a criminal defense attorney with an understanding of state, federal and even international laws so that they can use every strategy possible to protect you against the severe punishments.

Related Offenses

Money laundering is often related to organized crime activity, such as Racketeering. Those who are investigated for money laundering could have their assets seized and any transfer of property or funds restricted prior to and during the trial. This is done in order to prevent any funds from being lost or misdirected in case the defendant is convicted. However, this can cause irreversible damage to the person and the business involved. Often asset seizure alone can cause the accused to plead guilty of lesser charges. When this happens you need a money laundering attorney that can give you an honest assessment on your case. You need to know what your options are in order to determine if making a plea bargain is really the best choice. This includes knowing your plea options, the probable outcome of the trial, and how long the trial will last. If plea bargaining is the best option, then you criminal defense attorney should use all of their negotiating power to reduce the charges as much as possible.

We Can Help

Our money laundering lawyers are prepared to defend our clients against any allegations of money laundering. We have experience in defending serious white collar crimes that involve both individuals and financial institutions. We are prepared to protect you against even the most serious allegations of money laundering. It takes a strong criminal defense attorney to stand up to the government and ensure that your rights and the rights of your business are not being violated. If you or your business have been charged with or are under investigation for crimes of money laundering Contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

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