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Multi Level Marketing aka Pyramid Scheme

Multi-level marketing schemes are illegal business techniques that involve giving something of value in order to gain a chance for something of greater value. MLM crimes are closely related to fraud and often involve charges of either investment fraud or tax fraud. Pyramid schemes always utilize a pyramid like structure in order to recruit new participants into the program. The two most common types of pyramid scheme structures are:

1. One person is at the top, two people are at the next level down, then 8 one level down from that, and so on

2. One person sits at the center of a circle, two people on the next ring, 4 people on the next ring and so on.

The circular structure is essentially the same as the pyramid structure and has no legal distinction from it. The reason multi level marketing crimes are illegal is because in order to maintain the business there must always be someone being taken advantage of at the bottom of the pyramid. This means that all the current participants must find a large number of new participants constantly in order to keep the business running. Also, the pyramid structure cannot maintain itself indefinitely like a normal business; eventually it will fall. Those at the top of the pyramid are left with lots of money, while the majority below will not benefit.

Those charged with multi level marketing crimes face jail, fines and a lifelong criminal record. This is more than enough reason to get the best criminal defense possible on your case. Those charged may be falsely accused of engineering a fraudulent scheme, when in fact they were victims themselves of multi level marketing crimes. Furthermore, the prosecution must provide proof beyond reasonable doubt of a specific crime of fraud or other white collar crimes. It is the job of the criminal defense to find holes in their evidence and question any alleged facts they may bring forward.

If you have been charged with multi level marketing crimes, you need a criminal defense attorney that has experience defending charges of fraud in both state and federal courts. Success depends on the experience and skill of the criminal defense lawyer in being able to show reasonable doubt in a case of fraud.

We have the experience and skill necessary to defend you against any charges of investment fraud. By building an aggressive and intimidating defense, we ensure that you receive the best result on your case. If you or a loved one are under investigation for or have been charged with investment fraud contact our criminal defense attorneys immediately to receive a free consultation.

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