Prescription Fraud

Prescription Fraud

Prescription fraud occurs when a prescriptions are illegally given out or obtained through fraudulent methods. This can occur in a number of different ways. A pharmacist could knowingly sell or trade prescription drugs to those without a valid prescription or a prescription could be forged and the offender could knowingly receive medications. Depending on the scope of the crime itself, some crimes of prescription fraud can result in large fines and up to 15 years imprisonment. The severity of the punishment depends on the extent of the scheme and the amount of money that was obtained fraudulently or the monetary value of the medications that were illegally obtained. Also, offenders often receive more than one charge of fraud for a single crime. The criminal diversion of prescription medications can also involve crimes such as Identity Theft or Forgery. Without the best possible prescription fraud attorney, you stand the chance of receiving fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record.

Prescription Fraud Offenses

Prescription fraud is a state offense and can often be charged with other state offenses that relate to other aspects of the fraudulent scheme. This makes it important to have an expert criminal defense attorney protecting your rights in state courts. Having a good understanding of the local legal system is the only way to successfully defend against prescription fraud. Ultimately, what you end up getting charged with depends on the scope of the fraudulent scheme and what is involved.

Prescription Fraud Defense

Like all white collar crimes, the successful defense of prescription fraud depends mostly on the experience of the criminal defense lawyer. An experienced prescription fraud attorney will be of great benefit to protecting their client’s rights – especially during the initial phases of investigation. This can also lead to greater negotiating power, which means lessened charges or even dismissal before the charges go to court. If you are suspected of prescription fraud, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to maximize your chances of avoiding conviction.

We Can Help

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against any charges of prescription fraud. We will devote all of the firm’s resources to protecting your rights. Our criminal defense attorneys have experience in both federal and state courts and can provide a full defense against prescription fraud or related charges no matter what law enforcement agencies or powers of prosecution have been brought against you. Prescription fraud can become a very complex issue. Our criminal defense team is ready to devote the resources necessary to successfully defend against complex cases of fraud. We have dismissed cases of identity theft and fraud before and know what it takes to win in state courts. If you are under investigation or have been charged with prescription fraud, Contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

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