Public Corruption

Public Corruption Defense Lawyers

Public corruption occurs when someone in a position of authority or public trust breaches that trust or abuses their position of power. It can occur in federal, state or local governments. Public corruption is closely related to other white collar crimes such as extortion or bribery. If a government official receives, demands, solicits or accepts anything that influences their public duties, then they may be guilty of public corruption. Charges of public corruption have been known to end a person’s career and destroy their reputation. If you are under investigation for public corruption, the only way to avoid fines, jail, and even greater damage to your public image is to get a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively defend you against any allegations of public corruption or other white collar crimes.

Some public officials may find themselves under investigation for public corruption without having intended to commit any crimes. The laws concerning campaigns, voting violations, and conflicts of interest can be overly technical, and often small rules can result in unfavorable media attention and criminal charges. Even worse, sometimes criminal investigations will pry into the personal lives of politicians and reveal private facts which end up as popular topics in the current news. A good criminal defense attorney can provide protection against law enforcement investigations, as well as help to relieve the pressure of bad publicity. It is a good idea to contact your criminal attorney as early as possible so that they can begin formulating a strategy that will meet your all your needs.

Cases of public corruption are usually brought to the Grand Jury be federal law enforcement agencies. Public corruption is one of the FBI’s top priorities. It is the belief of federal law enforcement that public corruption damages the structure of society and allows even greater threats, such as terrorism, to become more prominent. With such a strong stance against these crimes, you need the best criminal defense possible to fight against them.
Our criminal defense associates are ready to protect our clients against charges of public corruption and related crimes such as extortion, bribery and other white collar crimes. There are many ways in which a public official could receive charges of public corruption and we are prepared to defend our clients against even the most serious charges including:

1. Grand Jury investigations
2. Fraud in elections or campaign financing
3. Money laundering
4. Accepting bribes

Public corruption is a serious criminal offense and can lead to fines and a long incarceration. Those which have their charges reduced still have to contend with the negative image that the media portrays. You need a criminal defense lawyer that will make sure that allegations of public corruption are dismissed and discredited. If you have received any charges for public corruption or are under investigation contact our criminal defense team immediately to arrange an attorney consultation.

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