Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud Defense Lawyers

The main tax crimes are tax evasion and tax fraud. Tax fraud and tax evasion are broad categories that involve many different types of crimes including filing a fraudulent tax report, failing to make a tax return or tax evasion. Because of the growing intensity of the war on other crimes, prosecutions have turned to taxes and business reports in order to punish those who are involved in other illegal activities. It is crucial when choosing a criminal defense attorney to retain one who is an expert in fraud when dealing with tax crimes. The laws involving both fraud and proper tax procedures can be very complex. Those who have more experience and knowledge will be able to find more ways to point out a reasonable doubt or find potential weak points in the charges.

The IRS handles almost all of the criminal investigations into tax activities. They seek to find and punish a small majority of tax crimes while attempting to deter others from making false claims. After discovering an illegal tax activity, the IRS will recommend prosecution for a tax crime within their own department. After the crime has been reviewed and it is decided that they should move forward with the investigation, the IRS forwards it to the Department of Justice. Then, after it is approved by the Department of Justice, they forward it to the US Attorneys office which is local to the person alleged of having committed the tax crime.

The fact that the process is so long gives lots of opportunity for the criminal defense to discredit the charges before they reach trial. If you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you come under investigation, they can protect your rights throughout the entire criminal process. They can schedule meetings with agents of the Internal Revenue Service or Department of Justice to review the facts of the case. Without an extremely strong case, a good criminal defense attorney can convince them not to go forward with the charges. It all depends on their negotiating ability, and showing the government agent that there was no criminal activity. This makes it vital that your criminal defense lawyer has experience in tax fraud and federal criminal defense.

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against any charges of tax fraud. We will devote all of the firm’s resources to protecting the your rights. With our experience in both tax fraud or related charges no matter what law enforcement agencies or powers of prosecution have been brought against you. Tax fraud can become complex as it can sometimes depend on small distinctions between legal and illegal activity. Our criminal defense team is ready to devote the resources necessary to successfully defend against complex cases of fraud. If you or your business are under investigation or have been charged with tax fraud contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

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