Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing Fraud Defense

Telemarketing fraud refers to any fraudulent scheme which is carried out over the phone, usually to many people in a large area. These plans are carried out with high pressure sales approaches, where the salesperson attempt to convince potential customers that a great offer is soon going to unavailable if they don’t act. The sales are typically for products or services that are never rendered. If the product or services are received, they are usually far below the expected quality.

Telemarketing Fraud Schemes

Salespeople with less experience will make the initial call, and then another salesperson will make the follow-up. They use very convincing tactics when trying to get potential customers to buy into their scheme. These type of operations are called ‘boiler rooms’. They are carried out in rented office spaces with many different phones and little furniture or other things of value. When the fraudsters find out that the police or other law enforcement suspect them of an illegal operation, they can quickly move somewhere else and avoid being arrested.

Telemarketing Fraud: On the Rise

Telemarketing fraud has been on the rise, making law enforcement even more aggressive seeking out potential criminals. In order to evade the authorities, telemarketing fraudsters have looked towards other methods to contact potential customers such as using cellphones, payphones or cloned phones. However, if you are involved in a telemarketing scheme, avoiding charges cannot always ensure that you will not be caught and punished. The only way to protect your rights once you are suspected of telemarketing fraud is to get a criminal defense attorney that can successfully defend you against the authorities.

Telemarketing Fraud Charges

Telemarketing fraud is a federal offense and those who are convicted receive fines and imprisonment. Conviction for federal charges of telemarketing fraud alone can result in up to 10 years imprisonment. However, the charges do not usually stop with telemarketing fraud alone, and those who go to trial may end up receiving many other charges as well. If you have been charged with telemarketing fraud it is critical that you get a criminal defense attorney with experience defending charges of Fraud and other white collar crimes. The successful defense of telemarketing fraud depends mostly on the experience and skill of the defense attorney. An experienced criminal attorney will be of great benefit to protecting their client’s rights, especially during the initial phases of investigation. This can also lead lessened charges or even having the charges dismissed before the case goes to court. If you are suspected of such charges, you should Contact a telemarketing fraud attorney as soon as possible to maximize your chances of avoiding conviction because the punishments for federal fraud offenses are so severe.

We Can Help

Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to defend our clients against any charges of telemarketing fraud. We will devote all of the firm’s resources to protecting your rights no matter what government agency is performing the investigation. Our criminal defense attorneys have experience in federal courts and can provide a full defense against telemarketing fraud or related charges no matter what law enforcement agencies or powers of prosecution have been brought against you.

Telemarketing fraud can be a complex legal issue. Our criminal defense team is ready to devote the resources necessary to successfully defend against even the most complex cases of fraud. We have dismissed cases of identity theft and fraud before and know what it takes to win in both state and federal courts. If you are under investigation or have been charged with telemarketing fraud Contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a complimentary initial consultation.

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