Witness Tampering

Witness Tampering Defense Lawyers

Witness tampering occurs when someone tries to coerce a witness of the courts, usually through threats of force. It is a very serious criminal offense and requires an excellent criminal defense attorney to make a successful plea for your case. The courts are extremely aggressive against charges such as witness tampering because they disrupt the criminal justice system itself. This means that offenders will see severe penalties unless they have a strong criminal defense. If you are suspected of tampering a with a witness, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

In the eyes of the law, it is important to ensure that witnesses are able to freely express the facts. Also, since it is a public duty, it is the job of the courts and the prosecution to protect witnesses against anyone who might try to change their testimony. The U.S. government created the Victims of Crime Act to make sure that witnesses for federal courts are protected against any outside influence. This has resulted in less incidents of witness tampering, however those who are involved with witnesses could still be accused of tampering with a witness. As soon as you receive allegations for tampering with a witness, you should retain criminal defense counsel right away.

The punishments for tampering with a witness depend on the type of action that the offender takes in trying to persuade them. The most serious crime is to kill or attempt to kill a witness to prevent them from appearing in a trial. In this case, a successful conviction could result in life in prison without parole, unless you have a great criminal defense attorney. Even using force against the person, without actually causing them serious harm could mean up to 20 years imprisonment. A threat of force carries a possible sentence of 10 years. These punishments are severe because the courts want to ensure that the criminal justice system is working properly. If you are suspected of these crimes, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will protect you against the court itself.

Witness tampering is a federal crime and requires a criminal defense attorney with experience in federal courts. Without having an in-depth knowledge of the federal court system, your case won’t stand a chance. The courts will aggressively seek convictions for witness tampering in order to deter those from its commission in the future. Therefore, get the best criminal defense possible.

Our criminal defense team is prepared to defend you against any allegations of obstruction of justice including witness tampering. With our experience and knowledge of the federal court system, we can use our excellent skills of litigation and negotiation to dismiss or reduces the charges brought against you. We are prepared to defend you against even the most serious allegations of witness tampering which may include:

1. Harassment
2. Threats
3. Coercion
4. Bribery
5. Extortion
6. Blackmail

Witness tampering can leave you with a long prison sentence, a ruined career and a permanent criminal record. If you are under investigation for or have been charged with witness tampering contact our criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible to arrange a free attorney consultation.

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